‘Yμῶν is the 2nd person plural possessive pronoun of the Ancient Greek equivalent of ‘yours’ in English. Anatripsis in ancient Greek is the most suitable word by which to translate “massage”, a word of Latin origin. In Greece we have a long history in the use of massage for healing purposes. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, had developed an elaborate theory and various methods of performing massage in order to fight off diseases, musculoskeletal problems and enhance the lymphatic and immune systems.

At YMON Anatripsis, we honour our Greek tradition and every one of you individually. A specially designed space was created in order for you to quickly enter relaxation mode and give in to the soothing qualities of the massage therapy you have chosen.

Our philosophy is that we become a better version of ourselves for us and our loved ones when we cultivate and enhance our physical and spiritual reservoir. Thus, we can give back and offer to our loved ones, from a place of plenty and not from our reserves. Our body is our temple and we owe it to ourselves to respect it.

We invite you to come with an open heart while keeping your eyes shut to anything that causes you distress. Allow yourself a gift and be certain that it will come back to you in the most unexpected way!



Despina Karamanlidou is an experienced massage therapist, certified by the World Massage Federation (WMF).

Born in Orestiada, North Greece, and raised in Cologne, Germany, Despina graduated from the Department of Commerce & Marketing at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH).

However, her true calling was still unclear to her during these first steps in her career. Despina is defined by creative restlessness, which along with her experiences, has only heightened her inquisitive spirit, driving her introspectively towards achieving spiritual and mental growth.

As a result, she returned to Germany where she continued her studies, this time in a private school specialising in ancient Greek massage techniques and treatments. Upon completion of her studies, she moved back to Thessaloniki where she practiced her techniques in various clinics, while at the same time she attended courses at the World Massage Federation.

In 2014, she chose the city of Chania to set up her own business, since being in Chania has always been a dream of hers. A blessed city that enjoys abundance and quality in all aspects, enabling her at the same time to lead the kind of natural and healthy lifestyle that she has always cherished, a lifestyle of daily exercise and a balanced diet.

Finally, in 2015 she laid solid foundations in Chania, where she invested a lot of love and hard work in creating her personal business space, named YMON Anatripsis. Despina welcomes you into a unique and complete space, where you may relax and benefit from the salutary effects of massage.